Shy and survival

This is an HBO documentary in the middle of a Q & A tape was sitting on the stage of New York's Cooper Union was early 2001. I was the theme. I was shocked.

Hundreds of people in the audience, mostly students, many with their mouths Agape, staring at me I would dare to answer this question if you were wondering.

I agreed to participate in the program was the primary reason Interngate rehash or modify the story line but meaningful to try to shift the focus from the problems was not. Many disturbing political and legal questions and the impeachment of President Bill Clinton's investigation was brought to light by. But the most commonly overlooked was egregious. People like to believe that the erosion of private life in public life, politics and media and gender inequality in the balance of power, and the erosion of legal protection deeper issues at hand, seemed indifferent to the parents and no child should never have to testify against each other.

How naïve I was.

There were gasps from the audience sputters. Several blurred, anonymous people "Do not answer that!", Cried

"It's sad and it's insulting," I said, trying to gather his wits. "And as much as it is me, insult, humiliate him even more with my family. It was the story about oral sex that I really do not know why. I do not know. It was a mutual relationship.. Is it maybe the fact that is a result of male-dominated society. "

The audience laughed. Maybe she was surprised to hear these words coming from.

I asked smirking man who looked directly. "You better be prepared to answer it can." After a pause he added, "It probably cost me a year of therapy is."

You embarrassed and humiliated in public, once again signed up Monica in Black and White to participate in an HBO documentary that I can argue agreed. I have even been inured might disgrace. Cooper Union confrontation, after all, the independent counsel Kenneth Starr Clinton White House was the result of a four-year investigation, which consists of 445 pages Star reported, compared with paled. Many of my personal conversations with written transcripts of audio tapes that my intimate sexual activity with chapter and verse, were included. But "BJ Queen" left the audience and duct tape it with me for a long time after airing on HBO in 2002-Sat was included in the show Shy and survival.

True, it's my affair with Bill Clinton was the first time was not tarnished. But I live with such a crass features, one on one, was never confronted. I put myself out there again and shy like a red-O albatross that will be hung in my throat to try to tell the truth had been agreed for one of the unintended consequences. Once it's on, it's a bitch to take off, believe me.

Cooper Union, with the advent of social media in the awkward moment, just a few years later was aired, humiliation is even more devastating. The clip Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, TMZ, Gawker have gone viral. It would have become a meme on Tumblr its own. viralness the Daily Beast, and Huffington Post deserved to be mentioned. As it was, for this you want (but I really hope that things are better for you, you, 12 years later, all day long, you can see it on YouTube, the web Thanks to the viral nature of the cover, and) do with your time.

I think it comes to public humiliation when I'm not alone. No, it's gossip, half-truths, and lies on the Internet where to take root and fester, can escape the unforgiving gaze, it seems. We historian Nicholas Mills, motivation and revels in Schadenfreude in the ranks of the paparazzi gossip bloggers who humiliate others, prizes, late that night not only a "culture of shame" to borrow a term from, Created comedians, and secret videos profit website that "entrepreneurs".

Yes, we are all connected now. We chronicle roads or large and small successes can tweet a revolution. But we also have the perps and victims in one of the discredited and disgraced, are caught up in a feedback loop. We can not become a brutal society we discussed-but the Internet has moved the head as earthquakes sure it feels. Our electronic devices that afford us the ease, speed, and distance us, the cold more GLIB, and our fun and less concerned about the consequences of prejudice can create. Lived in the most intimate way possible, getting humiliated, being all that we have signed this new marvel at how willingly.

I, Queen of the United States BJ: My own question, a simple click of the Youtube link it away, despite her efforts to rescue, archetype of the strength. The intern. Of the Vixen. Or, our 42nd President, the inevitable phrase "the woman."

I actually am a person that may surprise you to learn.

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