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Freaky Friday solar eclipse Supermoon the spring equinox

First the Northern Lights and a solar eclipse - skywatchers what a week! Plus it's Friday (first day of spring) and as a Supermoon occurs the same day.

One caveat: the eclipse will not be visible anywhere in the US and northern Europe since Friday morning on a rather remote island only be seen by people. Danish-owned Faroe Islands and Norway sparsely inhabited island group of Svalbard residents to see the complete show will be the lucky ones.

According to Space.com, a partial eclipse, Europe, North Africa and South Asia across all seems to be over. From the point of view of the moon obscures the sun is just part of a partial solar eclipse occurs.

Rao Space.com reported that, "depending on where you are in Europe, you, the sun eclipsed by the moon's diameter to approximately 99 per cent will see anywhere from approximately 50".

Those of us in America on Friday at 4:30 pm ET on Slooh.com can watch eclipse online starting.

And only - - This is the first of the year, a total solar eclipse and the first one since November 2013, NASA reported. The next total solar eclipse in August 2017 in the United States will be.

April 4 and September 28 in the US this year will be a lunar eclipse.

Two other astronomical events will take place Friday: Spring (or the vernal) equinox marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, which is called a Supermoon.

The Supermoon AccuWeather, its elliptical orbit over the moon that occurs closest approach is a full or new moon.

What makes it super? The closest point to Earth in its orbit of the moon - perigee coincides with a full moon, this is it. Basically, Supermoon, when full, and bright in the night sky looks a bit bigger than usual.

Supermoon during the new moon, it will not be visible, but it will block the sun during an eclipse.

The sun shines directly on the equator, the spring equinox is ,, 6:45 PM ET Friday.


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