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Steve Spurrier still loves to take shots in Tennessee

Despite some significant losses in 2014. South Carolina did not live up to expectations, Gamecocks to win the SEC East by many so-called experts had estimated. Instead, he went 7-6 and 3-5 in the fifth place in the East Division.

It was a humbling season, but apparently not humble enough to cause variable Steve Spurrier, and we are all the better off for it. You Gamecocks lost to Tennessee last season and, when they can also take shots of the boys in Knoxville Spurrier is not going to keep the same record as volunteers see it, though.

This ", you can not spell Citrus without UT" is not enough, but gets the point across all the same.

Of course, this whole situation is somewhat ironic that as we head into the 2015 season, we probably win in South Carolina will be the Middle Tennessee this season I see a lot more people. will have that.

But given the track record of prognosticators, that's a good thing for the Gamecocks likely.


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